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About Footprints

Footprints provides dance classes with a difference. We have a heart for children – to see their confidence soar and being free in expressing who they are!

We offer classes for boys and girls in contemporary, street, pop and storytelling styles of dance. We teach in a fun way, encouraging expression and dance technique in engaging routines, but we do so in a nurturing, uplifting manner. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with dance exams! Sadly now, children have so much pressure in their little lives with SATs, Phonics and spellings tests, Secondary School entry tests, GCSE’s, grades/exams/competitions for hobbies etc, Footprints was set-up to offer dance training to children, that would give them an outlet for expression and stress relief, in a non-competitive or pressured environment.

I thoroughly enjoy Footprints. Faye always gets everyone involved. The routines are great fun, especially when you are dancing with your friends! I love expressing myself through dance.

Footprints dancer, aged 11

We have a range of classes that are offered for all ages from Toddlers to Teens, and for all dance abilities. We are passionate about each and every child having their individual needs met and to grow in confidence about their bodies, self-worth and their talent, We strive to create an environment where they thrive and encourage each other in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. We’re extremely inclusive – and we go out of our way to adapt our dances to make everyone feel welcome.

We regularly perform publicly at local events and fayres in the community – we love to share our passion for dance with everyone!
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Meet the teacher!

Faye has had a passion for dancing for a long time!

Faye danced, performed and competed throughout her childhood and teen years. She has buckets of experience with community groups, performing professionally and teaching at various theatres, studios and schools.  She has experience working with all ages from babies, through primary-age, secondary-age and sixth form and vulnerable adults, including those with additional needs.

As a qualified school teacher, Faye has plenty of experience differentiating the choreography to suit all abilities and physical needs, in addition to experience with special education needs and emotional behavioural difficulties. Faye has a passion for investing in children and families and is honoured to provide a dance school that is nuturing, encouraging and a safe place to feel free to be yourself.  Alongside Footprints, Faye loves being a mummy, youth leader and supporting local parent and child groups with their singing sessions!

In a world where role models are hard to find, Faye stands out as a beacon to her young dancers. It is clear that they adore her, and it comes through in their performances. 


The combination of inspirational music, story telling and elegance is truly captivating. I love watching them, and would encourage anyone to send their young people to it.

Amanda, Bournemouth

Faye in action, teaching dance in Winton

‘Faith-based dance’ – should I be worried?!

Sadly, dance can sometimes have an unsavoury reputation. We think this shouldn’t be the case!

We are dedicated to providing a wholesome, appropriate environment for children. We do this by using Christian music, which we carefully check for child-friendly lyrics. This is particularly important as our dancers learn and discuss the words of the songs when learning new routines.

Story-telling is an important part of our routines – we want to make sure we’re telling stories through dance that inspire, challenge and uplift!

The showcase was amazing! It was so lovely, I really can’t believe how much they have learnt in only a few weeks! Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in and the amazing teacher you are!

Footprints parent

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